25 January 2014

Amit Desai - America Sutra

America Sutra
Amit Desai
Publisher: Stephen Cheng
Softcover books in slipcase, 7 Volumes, 928 pp., 20x20.5x11cm, 8x8.25x4.25in
Price: 70 USD

"America Sutra is a photographic project by Indian artist Amit Desai made on the road in the United States during the first decade of the 21st century  The work documents the people and places he encountered on his ten year journey, which grew into a metaphysical exploration of the American Dream.  Shot on 35mm, 120 medium format, Polaroid and digital, along with handmade collages and drawings, the seven volume set is his first published work, and the first in a series of three projects made during this ten year period; the other two projects will be released later this year."

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