23 January 2014

Erik Schubert - How to Win Friends and Influence People

How to Win Friends and Influence People
Erik Schubert
Published by Lavalette, 2013
Artist book
88 pages
Edition of 250
$55 Signed
$125 Special Edition with print

"Borrowing an infamous title as the starting point for his first artist book, Erik Schubert considers how our appetite for success shapes our visual world. His photographs depict lonely interiors, defective products, and studies of ephemera culled from expositions, infomercial sets, and the family home. Schubert’s photographic exploration of the corporate vernacular elicits a dark humor, of fruitless desperation. Pre-packaged business attire, scuffed carpets, and uncanny corporate tableaus paint a portrait of an underlying irony — a world built on reputation and charisma, at the edges of catastrophe."

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