31 March 2014

Amit Desai - Dear God

Dear God
Artist: Amit Desai
Publisher: Stephen Cheng
Hardcover books in outsized folio, 7 volumes, 488 pages, box size: 46.5x50.7.5 cm, books: varying sizes
Price: 649USD + shipping

"DEAR GOD is the second major work in the trilogy about America made by artist Amit Desai during his ten years on the road in the United States between 2001-2012. The collection combines Amit’s poetry with found photographs to form a series of seven modern illuminated prayer books depicting the journey from dark to light. The poems are printed with a variety of techniques, such as stenciling, hand writing, and photograms, and each is then collaged with photographs, photocopies, and ballpoint pen drawings. The first part of the trilogy, America Sutra, was published in 2012 and is a photographic journey through the United States; the third part, Songs of the Road, is a soundtrack of original text spoken and sung by the artist and will be released later this year."

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