01 March 2014

Egon Van Herreweghe & Lara Dhondt - Elective Affinities #2

Elective Affinities #2
Egon Van Herreweghe & Lara Dhondt
71 pages
Edition of 71
Xeroxed, silkscreened cover
15 euro + shipping

"The second edition of Elective Affinities is a collaboration between Egon Van Herreweghe and Lara Dhondt according to the principles and resources as defined in the first edition. Elective affinities started of as a collaborative project with Jasper Rigole inspired by the Mnemosyne Atlas of the German art historian Aby Warburg. The setup is plain and simple: we instal a temporary workspace in a public space where we collect, combine and reproduce pictures from newspapers and magazines with a photocopier."

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