16 March 2014

Verena Blok - I Smell Like Rain

I Smell Like Rain
Verena Blok
75 pages (with 3 seperate booklets inside)
251 x 334 mm
150 copies
price: 45 euro

"I Smell Like Rain takes place in Mazury, a rural area located in the northeast of Poland known for its many forests and lakes. As a child I spent all my summers there in a small village and became well acquainted with Natalia, a 12-year old girl. Since her mother’s absence she has been living with her father and four older brothers at home, and remains the only female in the household. The book consists of 3 little booklets that are hidden between the pictures. Through the booklets the viewer is able to see Natalia's struggle of trying to maintain the relationship with her brothers."

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