15 December 2014

Ana Zaragoza - Gioia

by Ana Zaragoza
Design & layout: Caravanbook
Translation: Dario Quondamstefano
A6 size, 20 + 4 pages 
Digital laser color print. 
Cyclus paper 90 grs. (100% recycled)
€ 10 + shipping

"... e allora Mambo! (like Vinicio Capossela says) it's the sentence that comes to my mind hopping off the bus in Politeama Square. Sweating Mambo! It's the sentence right after that (in the song, and walking around Palermo), because there is some serious heating going on there that makes your legs wobble... The loud sirens from the ambulances make me dizzy and between the loud noise, I remark beautiful words and dark stares. Every step I take is a surprise to discover and every huge door can hide a wonder. Monumental, dirty, traditional, noisy, exotic, naval, tremendously charming, loving... Palermo and the joy of living."

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