03 December 2014

Marianna Aldovini & Nicola Albertin - BECAMO

Marianna Aldovini, Nicola Albertin
24 postcards cm.10x15 in a dedicated cardboard box
Edition of 50
4 colour Indigo printing with gloss lamination on front side
20 Euro + shipping

"Becamo - Berlin Casale Monferrato - created to show our point of view on the difference between the two cities in which we live, Berlin and Casale Monferrato, a metropolis and a small provincial town, a place to go in the country must make a few kilometers and one where you just do a 5 minute walk. Europe's capital and the capital of Monferrato. 24 postcard size photos, one thing that we really like and photographs taken with film, one thing that we really like. The logo, designed by Giada Yeya Montomoli, represents the towers symbol of the two cities: Berlin TV tower and the Civic tower of Casale Monferrato."

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