03 December 2014

Fábio M. Roque - Can You Predict Spring?

Can You Predict Spring?
Fábio M. Roque
published by The Unknown Books
38 pages; 150 mm x 230 mm
30 numbered & signed copies
black & white digital print
8,00 € + shipping

"Can you predict spring? Who can predict a social change? This project was developed regarding these subjects. This work was made in Tunisia, in a trip around the country, between the big cities and the desert villages, it was a memorable and unusual “tour” given the uniqueness of what I found a different culture and despite closed, with some signs of possible external openness, tourism in particularly. Regarding the political field, the only approach I made, was answered calmly, “we prefer a known thief, that a strange one”. This observation is about President Ben Ali. Some months later, the Arab Spring began."

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