28 June 2010

Estelle Hanania - Myriorama

Estelle Hanania
Produced on the occasion of the exhibition Myriorama at FAT Galerie, Paris.
Four color digitally printed.
Letterpress printed softcover.
9 x 10 inches.
48 pages.
Hand sewn binding.
Edition of 250
Essays by Sebastien Gindre and Lara Sarcevic.
$25.00 ex. shipping

"'No tricks in the the magic of Estelle Hanania. Her photographs do not show some fake elsewhere. They come from somewhere else. And they bring us back there, with delicacy. Estelle Hanania proceeds in some kind of inverted analogy in order to bring us closer to this eerie familiarity existing between the ritual act and the very order of nature. She introduces the viewer to a profound connection between the call for looking beyond and the raw presence of things.' - Lara Sarcevic"

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