28 June 2010

Mariken Wessels - Queen Ann. P.S. Belly cut off

Queen Ann. P.S. Belly cut off
Mariken Wessels
Artist book (photo novel)
80 p. Offset - full color | 24 x 33 cm | Dutch/Eng | Sewn paperback.
Including glassine envelope containing photos. With three original unpublished photos on Hahnemühle Photo Rag. In handmade cardboard box.
Design: Mariken Wessels, in cooperation with Esther Krop.
75 copies numbered and signed.
Price: 149 euro (excl. shipping costs)

"Queen Ann. P.S. Belly cut off is based on photographs sourced from an existing person; a middle-aged woman wringing with her self-image in an endless stream of manipulated photo graphs of herself, making them into a true cabinet of curiosities. The suggestive, intimate force of the ‘found’ photographic material and other personal documents, as well as the sequencing of the images as a whole, are both deliberately arranged with great pre cision. Wessels sensitively appropriates and edits the photo and film material, constructing a narrative, weaving together images in the medium of the book."

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