30 June 2010

Rob McDonald - Poplar Forest

Poplar Forest
Rob McDonald
With an original poem by Sam Witt
32 pages, 6”x9”
Edition size: 300
hand-sewn copies, each presented with an original signed and numbered print. The deluxe edition (copies 1-40) is presented in a handmade clamshell enclosure with an additional original print that is unique to this publication.
Indigo press, letterpress text
$55 US limited edition/$275 US deluxe edition

"In 1806, Thomas Jefferson began construction on a modestly equipped personal retreat near Bedford, Virginia, some ninety miles from his home, Monticello. At Poplar Forest, he told a friend, he found 'the solitude of a hermit.' Rob McDonald’s photographs of Poplar Forest explore the to explore the notion of private space, which we all—even a man so great as Jefferson—require and seek instinctively."

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