17 June 2010

Kate Steciw - The Strangeness of This Idea

The Strangeness of This Idea
Kate Steciw
Published by Hassla Books
9 x 11 in., 28 pages, self cover, color offset
Edition of 500
ISBN 978-0-9825471-3-7
Publication date: June 2010
20 USD

"I am interested in making a photograph other - juxtaposing or superimposing the mundane or expected with the altered or intangible - allowing (or even forcing) a photograph to move beyond the 2D and exist in 3D and even 4D spaces or implied spaces. I strive to expose the failure of the photographic object to reflect an increasingly immaterial world and the demands that that world makes on our perceptions. By returning that 'other' material to a photographic space/surface or juxtaposing it with a 'straight' image, a relationship is drawn between the evolving abstraction of photographic/graphic space and the abstraction inherent in all photography. It is this perceptual volleying between the solid or tangible and the immaterial or altered that, in my opinion, best characterizes the mutable nature of the contemporary visual experience - solid/static to liquid/dynamic and back again. - Kate Steciw"

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