20 October 2012

Andrew Smith - Vélo

Title: Vélo - adventures of the peloton
Photographer: Andrew Smith
Publisher: bymyi
Contributors: Bill Strickland (introduction), Tim Krabbé, Harrison Birtwistle (quotations)
Casebound, 80pp, 210 x 150mm, colour and b&w digital print, 170gsm silk paper
Edition of 100 signed copies
Price £20 + postage and packing

"On my bike, and in my head, the words of Tim Krabbé on imperfect recall, they won't leave.
The miles roll on by. I selfishly construct the ideal of my ideal cycling photobook. 'Cycling was mythical, but it survived its visibility. In 'Vélo', it becomes a visible myth' - Tim Krabbé"

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