13 October 2012

Karl-Johan Stigmark - Loose Ends

Loose Ends
Karl-Johan Stigmark
17 x 22 cm
Edition size: 1000
type of printing: offset
Price: 25$

"Loose Ends is an accurately-titled compilation of photographs and text describing the experience of different kinds of string, coiled or sprawled through many settings, without a beginning or end. 'All the staples, silks, cords, flax, flosses, strands, ligatures, shreds, wires, lisles, threads, piles, ravels, shoelaces, thrums, twines, warp, wool, yarns, cilia, fibrils, grain, hair, shreds, strips, tendrils, threads, cotton, stamens, tissue, veins, web, braids, strings, fibers, gossamer, filaments, ribbons, lints, woof, wefts, bands, ropes, thongs, ties that come my way'"

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