19 October 2012

Matías Costa - The Family Project

#1 Bokeh Collection
Matías Costa
15 x 21 cm
64 pages [Color & BW]
Offset printing, paperback binding
Paper: Olin Regular Natural White 120 gsm & 300 gsm
English and Spanish
Photo editors: Matías Costa, Carlos Albalá
Collection coordination: Carlos Albalá
Graphic Design: Pilar Rojo Peso
Printing coordination: Joanna Osiewicz-Lorenzutti [Fundación de Artes Visuales, Cracovia]
Production: Antonio Pérez Río [LENS Escuela de Artes Visuales, Madrid]
limited Edition of 500 (signed and numbered copies)
20€ (+ Shipping cost)

"The Family Project explores family memory, but also memory  lapses and oblivion. I returned to the 20th century to piece  together the traces that my family has left on maps in the course of a century of migrations. I compiled thousands of photographs and documents from institutional and family archives, and in each place I tried to photograph a mood that captures what happened  there. This is a process of infinite connections, which opens up like Russian dolls. Each layer of history rests delicately on the previous one: to disclose its layers in order to narrate them is, in a sense, to change history."

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