08 October 2012

Filipe Casaca - Blue Mud Swamp

Title: Blue Mud Swamp
Artist: Filipe Casaca
56 pages
237 x 314mm / 9,33 " x 12,36 "
Edition 270 Signed Copies
Type of printing: Offset Color
38€ (Edition 30 Numbered and Signed Copies + 20x30cm Inkjet Print - 120€)

"'Blue Mud Swamp' is a series made in Dalian. This city is among 'the best cities to live in China', what raises her to a promising level. The shoreline, hot and humid, is a postcard that attracts and invites Men. Although surrounded by natural beauty, beaches and entertainment facilities, the city and its urban spaces transmits, as a whole, a feeling of artificiality. A certain melancholy is present, as happens with all that was new, colorful and perfect but perished with time."

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