19 June 2014

Enver Hirsch - Bangkok Curbside

Bangkok Curbside
Enver Hirsch
Essay by Peter Lindhorst (in German)
Cardboard box, 16 x 11,5cm (6,3 x 4,5), including 4 Leporellos with 8 images each 15 x 94,5cm (5,9 x 37,2)
Edition 500, hand-numbered
Cover hand-stamped, leporellos printed in offset
14,50 Euro (plus shipping)

"During the 14 months that I spent in Bangkok between 2010 and 2011, I stumbled across many objects that had been crafted without any artistic intent, and that, through being photographed, unfolded a strange sculptural quality. The box comprises four series that translate to 'parking place blockers', 'curbside objects', 'squeeze faces' and 'boardwalk backdrops'."

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