18 June 2014

Kristina Williamson - One Year on Kythera

One Year on Kythera
Kristina Williamson
Foreword by John Stathatos
160 Pages
25 x 37 cm (9.8 in x 14.6 in)
$49.00 USA / €39.00 EU / £39.00 UK

"Kristina Williamson explores the intersection of art, ethnography, and globalization in her close study of the Greek island of Kythera. In intimate photographs that cut across genres—landscapes, portraits, interiors—Williamson explores themes of memory and tradition in the faces of those who stay and the absences of those who leave. These images—shot in gorgeous 35mm film—eschew nostalgia and often probe deeper to a level of the everyday surreal, an ongoing theme in Williamson’s work."

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