15 June 2014

Maarten Boswijk - When Sea saw Summer

When Sea saw Summer
Maarten Boswijk
Handmade rough linen box
special edition of 10, signed and numbered 
Includes 10, 24x30cm (24 x 29,5) Digital C-Prints
Cover illustration by Elies Thijs
€ 250,- excl. Shipping

"On June 17, weather channels reported that the heat record dating back to august 23, 1944 was bound to be broken. Despite grey skies and limited sun so far, on June 19, the mercury was bound to rise past the current Dutch record of 38.6 celsius. That morning, all beach chairs were already put out across the shore of Scheveningen, The Netherland's most central beach. Bar owners were expecting sunbathers to finally fill the spots. However, the boulevard disappeared into the mist that morning."

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