26 June 2014

Bojan Radovic - YU & ME

YU & ME 
Bojan Radovic
238 pages
21 x 15 cm
Perfect bound
Black & white digital printing on cyclus offset paper
Hand numbered & signed edition of 40 copies + 10 H.C. (hors de commerce)
 Price: 25,00 EUR + shipping

»All photos in this publication were made in the eighties, during the existence of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. At that time country was slowly declining after the death of TITO. In my life that decade was important in many ways, I graduated, I got my first job, I married with Ksenija and we got first child David. One of the projects I did (and it is unfinished as the state collapsed meanwhile) had a working title Images from Yugoslavia. Now this work is re-collected in this publication.«

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