11 March 2016

Gabriele Harhoff - Tobiko

by Gabriele Harhoff
42 pages, 31 x 23 cm, 12,20 x 9,05 inches
20 color images digitally printed on 150 gsm paper 
French fold, handmade Japanese, stab binding
comes with a map
Edition of 56 including 5 special editions, all numbered and signed
€ 38 + € 3,60 shipping within Germany 
€ 38 + € 8 worldwide shipping 
special edition € 120

"The images in this book were made during a 2 week trip to Japan - to me a totally fascinating but equally strange and enigmatic country, where I don't speak the language and cannot even read a sign. I felt forlorn and alienated while at the same time enjoying the state of being lost. The word „Tobiko“ means „flying fish roe“, which was one of the very few words I could speak and which also happens to be one of my favourite types of sushi."

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