16 March 2016

Johannes Groht - Das Tor von Elea

Das Tor von Elea – Kosmografien
by Johannes Groht
Leporello, 1274 x 21 cm (504 x 8 inches), accordion-folded to 29,7 x 21 cm (12 x 8 inches)
loose in cover, 30 x 21 cm (12 x 8 inches), with laser engraving
printed on one single sheet – no glue!
main picture 944 x 14,8 cm (372 x 6 inches), plus three smaller pictures
black and white, digitally printed in four-color
Limited edition of 21 hand numbered, signed copies
99 € (D) | 120 $ (elsewhere, plus shipping costs)

"Das Tor von Elea (The Gate Of Elea) is made of photographs of the frame of a rusty, eroded gate that I found at the foot of the ruins of the ancient greek city of Elea. For me, it's kind of a self-portrait of the surrounding volcanic landscape of the Cilento (Southern Italy), and surprisingly associated with the work of Parmenides of Elea, the greek philosopher, who lived and taught here once. "

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