08 March 2016

David Wilson - Minor Collisions

Minor Collisions
by David Wilson
Textes Paul Newland and David Wilson
21 x 28 cm / 8,26 x 11,02 Inches
4 colors offset printing
Edition: 500
35 euro € + shipping

"I associate very closely with this book by David Wilson in a way that is almost affectionate. Not merely because I curated it, but mainly due to the fact that I was a witness to its genesis in London some years ago. An area that I knew fairly well, as I had lived there many years previously, one that is so skillfully recounted in David’s hundreds of shots; it was during those days spent with David in the London spring, discussing his work about the modern city until the early hours and strolling through the suburbs, that we laid the foundations for the dialogue that has brought us thus far." - Steve Bisson

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