29 March 2016

Julius Smit - Tramp

by Julius Smit
Published by Eyeglass
48 pages (including 230gsm card cover & 4 experimental text pages)
14.8 x 21 cm  /  5.83 x 8.27 inches
Saddle stitch binding, 90gsm matt
B/W digital printing
Edition:  25 numbered copies
£7.50 UK / £9.00 International

"Walking in rural and urban landscapes can be compared to peeling back layers of a life and its accumulated experiences and conversations. Perhaps the paths, tracks and pavements we walk on are the traces and routes of earlier marking and re-creation, offering themselves to a trail of almost limitless reinvented narratives. As we tramp our different paths we are also exploring our personal archives as a means of relating our own memories and histories to the spaces we walk in."

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