12 May 2017

Alexis Maryon - Port of Newhaven, VHF Ch. 12

Port of Newhaven, VHF Ch. 12
by Alexis Maryon
60 pages, 198 x 298mm
b/w digital printing
numbered edition of 120
£8 plus postage

"There are certain places that become significant to us in our lives, places that we’re drawn to, return to and seem to act as a touchstone to ourselves. It’s often hard to convey these feelings to other people who may well see the place in perhaps a negative light. For me the Port of Newhaven on the South coast of England is one of these significant places, I absolutely love it: the lighthouse at the end of the harbour arm, the ferry (underused) going to and from Dieppe in Northern France, the industry, the fishing, the chalk and sandstone cliffs, the beach and always the sea."

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