21 May 2017

Quentin Pinczon du Sel - Forest such as love, fire on everyone

Forest such as love, fire on everyone
by Quentin Pinczon du Sel
36 pages, 14x18cm, 5.5x7 inches
Offset printed in 4 colors onto 130gsm Silk paper, softcover printed onto 140gsm Uncoated paper.
Edition: 25

"These photographs were taken in March and April 2016 during a trip to the Chinese provinces of Guangxi, Yunnan and Sichuan, and in Chongqing Municipality. They are a personal vision — and thus highly subjective — of the contrasts that describes China today; but they mostly are the remains of a trip to a complex country to be assimilated, remains then transformed into a chaotic and lyrical succession of moments."

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