12 May 2017

Tymon Markowski - Flow

by Tymon Markowski
Design: Kasia Kubicka
Photo edition: Joanna Kinowska
20x15 cm, 60 pages, 28 photographs
Hardcover, accordion book
Edition: 300 in standard edition, 100 in special edition
Price: 50 zł / 15 euro

"Tymon Markowski lives in Bydgoszcz since childhood, a city that recently turned its attention favorably towards the Brda River that ends in it. In order to know his river better, he set off on a trip, visiting places in the river’s vicinity, looking for surprising or extraordinary pieces of reality. The whole trip turned uncanny when he discovered a second place named Bydgoszcz - a small village near the source of the river, at a distance of just 106 kilometers in a straight line from the other Bydgoszczs. It is an unusual space in which he began to „Flow”.

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