12 May 2017

Tyler Annalora, Frank Fina, Charlie Reinagel - Wayward Bound

Wayward Bound
by Tyler Annalora, Frank Fina, Charlie Reinagel
Self published
Additional contributors: Dylan Bellingan, Michael Weybret, Jeremy Gonzalez, Pete and Shruthi Lapp, Sarah Ferguson
26 pp / 15 x 23 cm / 6 x 9 inch
Digital Printing, Perfect Bound
Edition of 100, includes 4x6 35mm print and illustrated sticker
$20 (free shipping in US, international shipping adds $10)

“Inspired by movement, Wayward Bound depicts real life experiences of the dynamic traveler. It is shot through the lens of eight photographers living temporary or indefinite mobile lives exploring the United States. Available in print form only, we step away from the fast paced digital world and share Wayward Bound as something to hold in your hands.

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