20 April 2012

Gazed Upon

Gazed Upon
Guest curated by Amy Elkins
Photographs by Jen Davis, Cara Phillips & Stacey Tyrell
Essay by Sarah Palmer Perfect
5 3/4 x 7 3/4 in.
74 pages
Edition of 100
Digital on Mohawk Superfine
$25, $145 for signed copy with print by each artist

"In bringing together the work of North American artists Jen Davis, Cara Philips & Stacey Tyrell in the current exhibition, Gazed Upon, curator & artist Amy Elkins asks the viewer to interrogate his or her own sense of looking. We are presented with three artists who challenge standard notions of “beauty” & perception, causing a schism between what we think we see & how we might read or interpret it. Along these lines, we, as viewers, are directed through the title of the exhibition to employ the gaze, that loaded Lacanian term that piles all of our potency & desires onto the “object” upon which we gaze. These artists, working in different media & different shooting styles all dance with this complex set of ideas about the role of the observer, how the gaze, itself, is employed & how it might reflect back on an audience." - Sarah Palmer (from the book essay)

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