20 April 2012

Vanya Georgieva-Michel and Andreas Stathopoulos - In Pace

In Pace
Vanya Georgieva-Michel and Andreas Stathopoulos
Artist zine
210 x 297 mm (8.27 × 11.69 in)
32 pages
Hand numbered edition of 100
Risograph print @ PTTL
€10 + shipping

"« È toi men prôtista Khaos genet : First became the abyss " In pace originally indicates a monastery dungeon. Declined in a contemporary vision of partition of society into individual units, Vanya Georgieva-Michel and Andreas Stathopoulos' creation reflects certain process of blinding/concealment, whether through successive layers of city soil ​​or closings affixed to bourgeois homes. The pictures interact with quotes by, amongst others, Castoriadis and Bataille."

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