02 April 2012

Jon Eland - Upwardly Immobile

Title: Upwardly Immobile
Artist: Jon Eland
8pp CD booklet (120mm x 120mm / 4.7 x 4.7 in)
Edition size: 50
type of printing: Digital B&W
Price: £4.65 (UK) / £6.35 (Europe) / £6.70 (N.America) inc postage.

"Look up. We’re often told to change our viewpoint; this series of images captures the view of the city as the visitor cranes their neck upwards. A look around at what is above, the higher echelons. Is it attainable or is it simply a gained height? In itself a study or the architecture of a city – showing buildings from the emergence during Victorian times to it’s post-80′s renaissance as a new home to finance and retail."

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