26 April 2012

Mika Kitamura - Einmal ist Keinmal

Title: Einmal ist Keinmal
Artist: Mika Kitamura
20 pages
Edition size: 20
type of printing: laser print
Price: ¥1500JPY (+shipping)

"'Einmal ist Keinmal (once is never)-What happens but once,might as well not have happened at all.If we have only one life to live,we might as well not have lived at all'―'The Unbearable Lightness of Being,'Milan Kundera― It is about freezing a single moment that will never recur and looking at it again and again. It is about capturing a moment which never happened at all through a camera lens. Or it may be an act of capturing a sole and precious moment. Attempting to perfectly preserve a certain moment, or trying to accurately convey a message, is impossible. But for the photographers, it's a good thing. Maybe photography is simply a means to connect with people. Or maybe it is merely a symbol for the things we perceive. So what is photography? That remains a mystery. A certain moment will never recur, ever again. That being said, although everything seems accidental, surely nothing happens by sheer chance.(Mika Kitamura)"

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