08 April 2012

Zheng San-Xi - The Birds

The Birds - reprinted in July 2011
Original version March, 1963
Zheng San-Xi (Taiwan)
self-published by: the wife of Zheng San-Xi, his families and friends
Chinese text: photographers Long Chin-San, Zhang-Cai, Huang Tse-siu
Hardcover, 44 Pages, 32 B&W images, 28.5cm x 22cm x 1.2 cm,
Reprinted in a limited edition of 700 copies only
Price: US$45 (including shipping charges) - PayPal only!

The Birds is one of the important photo books in Taiwan. Originally self-published in March 1963, it was out of print for a long time. Reprinted version was self-published by the wife of photographer for a memorial exhibition after he passed away in 2011. Taiwan senior photographer Zheng San-Xi taking the role of continuation in the history of Taiwan photography unfortunately passed away in Feb 2nd 2011, aged 74. Born in Keelung, Taiwan in 1937, Professor Master Zheng purchased first camera in 1955 and started wandering the streets and taking pictures. He joined the Xin-Shuei Photography Exhibition Group under the guidance of photographer Zhang Cai. He was under great influence from Zhang Cai with concepts of socialist realist photography introduced from Japan, and started taking picutures of every corner of his hometown Keelung in the 1950s and 60s. He held his first individual exhibition of "birds" since 1963. The birds photo book was issued in 1963, and belonged to one of top important Taiwan Photobooks, the first themed photo book in Taiwan. Please write to me in advance if you want to order it.

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