02 July 2012

Bobby Abrahamson - North Portland Polaroids

North Portland Polaroids
Bobby Abrahamson
5 x 7 in.
100 pages
Edition of 150
Price: $25

"Ampersand is pleased to present this collection of photographs by Portland photographer, Bobby Abrahamson, who spent the better part of a year shooting Polaroid Type 55 portraits of the people he encountered on the streets of St. Johns, a distinct neighborhood in North Portland. 'Abrahamson meets these people exactly where they are,' notes Julia Dolan in the foreword, 'precisely where they want to or should be. Himself a resident of St. Johns, Abrahamson is not only their photographer, but their neighbor, and his subjects respect this—notice how close he manages to get to so many of them. Their command of space and direct gazes attest to an undistracted presence, a strong link to their environment, and a wary trust in the artist ... this place isn't just anywhere. It is St. Johns, and these are it's people, quietly yet eloquently described by Bobby Abrahamson and his photographs.'"

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