10 July 2012

Jean-Michael Seminaro - At Night

Jean-Michael Seminaro
At Night
16 Pages
21 x 26 cm
Color Offset
€ 10,00

"Those night pictures originated from a fail, a miss shot. The picture was way too dark so i decide to push the digital process with shadow level. The end result of that picture was kind of a revelation for me and I start to love the digital noise that most photographers try to avoid. I also start to shoot everything with the built in flash. Intrigued with all the reflection that I can produce at night on all kind of things like glass, trees, rain, etc... Things seems to reveal after. One of the main theme for this book is the garden, the urban one, the suburb. I look on how people can decorate their front house, the backyard or a middle street. Everywhere we go, we try to control and organize nature all around us. I look for trace that we left. But this project is also about the walk. I like walking at night, especially in the winter time when everything seems in wait of a new life, a new beginning. I try to work with the relation between nature and digital reproduction. Focusing on the digital result itself and how it´s going to react in front of a certain situation."

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