08 July 2012

Yosuke Yajima - Wild Nature

Title: Wild Nature
Name: Yosuke Yajima
Type of publication: Zine
40 pages
laser print
Edition: 50
Price: 1,500 JPY / 19 USD / 15.50 EUR + shipping

Subject matter of my work ethic is how to really see things that are visible. I remember clearly, as a child, I got surprised by the fact that the miscellaneous trees near my house were planned to be planted. Now, most of the nature in the world is controlled, well-kept by human beings and becoming "artificial". It made me question, "What is 'nature' in modern days?". We have a misperception of human beings. We think we are in control of everything. At the same time, we use our power to take things out that are out of our control. The wild "nature" is there not to be touched. Although, it is a very narrow and limited world.

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