24 July 2012

Jo Schwab - Habitual Grace

Habitual Grace
Jo Schwab
Hardcover book, cloth bound, thread stitching, photo application on the cover
56 pages
13 x 18 cm
70 numbered copies
20 Euro

"A supernatural quality infused by God into the soul at the moment of justification, perfecting the soul in a supernatural way, establishing it in justice and sanctity, making it a sharer in the Divine Nature, truly constituting it an adopted son of God with a title to eternal life, and consecrating it as a living temple of the Most High God. By habitual grace, a free gift of God, the soul is privileged to enter on a state of friendship with God, which is of its nature permanent, but may be broken temporarily or forever by the abuse of free will and the introduction of sin. Cherished and guarded in the soul it is an unfailing pledge of everlasting life with God. - New Catholic Dictionary"

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